We offer the importers of the goods of the manufacturers of EU countries and a number of international manufacturers to carry all or part of their cargoes. Our warehouses offer the following services: cargo consolidation, redistribution, processing, assembling according to customer’s request, preparation of export documentation sets and delivery of cargoes to the specified place.

We offer intermodal transportation involving various modes of transport at the most favourable terms for the customer. Goods from EU countries might be delivered to our customs warehouse in Lithuania by marine containers or by road transport, and goods to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries might be transported from the warehouse by road transport.

New state-of-the-art cargo handling equipment and qualified personnel create favourable conditions for the simultaneous handling of large volumes of vehicles and cargoes. The accounting system for the goods stored in the customs warehouse is linked to the software of customs brokers and customs controls, which enables to avoid accounting errors.

Services offered at the customs terminal:

  • Storage of goods in customs warehouses.
  • Manual and mechanised loading or unloading of marine containers and vehicles.
  • Consolidation of goods.
  • Marking, palletising and accounting of goods.